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Hello my name is Omarra Byrd. And I am just a regular person. I've worked as hard as you, maybe even harder, if that's possible! I was an integral part of the Rat Race for many years.

I am also a husband; married to a beautiful and supportive wife. I am a son; with two loving parents who have been married for 42 years! I am a brother; to one Rachel Michelle Smith (Both of my parents have big families, one has 10 siblings and then the other has 12 brothers and sisters! I guess when they got their own family they decided that two kids was enough!). I am also a proud father of two sons; Omarra Byrd, Jr. (14) and Xavier Byrd (2), their Aunt Rosie (Obviously my sister-in-law.) affectionately gave them the combined nickname of "X's & O's".

Sounds real regular to me (Except for the insane amounts of Aunts & Uncles that I posess!). So no, I don't claim to be some "guru" who has had multiple million dollar launches or opt-in lists into the thousands. I do not posess the, "magic pill", "magic bullet", "easy button" or any other ingenious name(s) that you can think of that means "easy street". If your looking for "easy street" please let me know as soon as you find it! I've been lookig for that street on Mapquest, Tom-Tom and Google Earth!

Yet, there is one thing that I can list, that I have in my repertoire that i believe is much better than any of the aforementioned combined with certificates, awards, or degrees, all put together. Well the grounds that I stand on over here are called Experience!

I consider myself a firm believer in experience! Are you? I've been trying my hand at this online business venture for some time now. I have been many places that you have probably been yourself. Have you also been scammed, hoodwinked, bamboozled, swindled, and duped? I have! More times than I even care to remember. Some people are afraid to admit that fact, even to themselves.

Why? They fear that telling others that type of information will scare them away. I want you to know this about me, so that it will help you to realize that I have experienced those very same shenanigans. Knowing that I've been there, experienced it and know how it feels, I would never wish that same experience on others.

I am as transparent and regular as anyone could possibly become, but for more information on me please feel free to visit my blog.

May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

Omarra H Byrd

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